Progressive Pipeline Management is full service contractor and team of highly skilled infrastructure renewal specialists. The company has been been committed to improving the safety and longevity of pipeline infrastructure since the company’s inception in 2002. PPM’s primary expertise is trenchless technologies to restore aging, damaged or leaking underground infrastructure, including pipelines of all types and sizes.  PPM is the North American licensee in the US for the Starline Cured-in-Place-Lining (CIPL) technology for rehabilitating pressure pipelines of all types. The cutting-edge technology is backed by years of research and testing data, and proven to extend the life of a pipeline by more than 100 years.

PPM tackles some of the most pressing problems in the pipeline renewal industry with proven technology. The UV Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) ultra-violet (UV) curing process is effective for water/wastewater pipelines 6” to 48” in diameter and in any shape with faster cure times and longer life than older steam-cured methods. Through partnerships with utilities, PPM has a proactive approach to cross bore inspections of horizontally directionally drilled gas services.  When a gas line intersects with residential sewer line there can be dangerous consequences if not located and addressed. PPM works with utilities performing CCTV inspections to identify the location and mark out sewer laterals before drilling and after projects are completed with state-of-the-art robotic cameras.



President, CEO and Founder

David brings twenty years of experience in the field and in management. During his years with major utility and petrochemical companies, he oversaw robotics development and performance as well as pipeline inspection, cleaning and repair. David’s field experience pushes him to find increasingly better solutions in pipeline work and in cost-effective, environmentally-friendly technologies.  He drives the application of patented, cutting-edge technology and designing new technologies. He maintains expertise in current regulations governing pipeline operations (e.g., Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety, and Department of Energy, among others), David’s academic background at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and his tours as an Operation Desert Storm veteran inform his approach to each project at PPM.

mario j. Carbone

Executive Vice President & COO

Mario Carbone’s ingenuity and perseverance define his leadership as Executive Vice President. His forty six years in the gas pipeline industry include thirty two years in design, maintenance and construction with Brooklyn Union Gas/KeySpan Energy and ten years as the senior manager for gas research and development with KeySpan Energy.

Mario is trained and certified on the application of Starline CIPL. He holds three gas pipeline industry patents for new technologies in gas pipeline purging, live gas polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) pipeline sampling, and live service pipeline transfer without interruption. In addition to his expertise in managing field operations and overseeing purging practices, Mario is versed in current regulations for corrosion and pipeline environmental procedures. Mario’s decades of experience enable PPM to design, develop and test new technologies and robotics on demand while complying with required industry standards. His inventiveness to overcome challenges led PPM to win the 2011 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year for rehabilitation of a leaking high-pressure main that was over a hundred years old. As a respected authority on innovative trenchless techniques, he is frequently asked to speak at industry events.

christopHer r. hein

Chief Financial Officer 

Christopher joined PPM in 2012 and brings experience in financial administration, including business accounting, auditing, and process control. After earning his degree in economics at the University of Southern California, Christopher worked as a portfolio manager for a family office in California, where he managed a $30M portfolio of real estate, distressed debt, and operating companies with a focus on maximizing long-term performance.  Christopher’s expertise includes financial analysis, investment analysis, and capital allocation. He is involved in the daily financial decision making and long-term planning for PPM. His range of experience with evaluating investments, real estate construction and business management have been invaluable to the growth and success of PPM.

jean rivard

Vice President, Northeast Region

Jean joined the PPM team August of 2017 with many years of natural gas distribution experience and project management abilities, attention to detail, and numerous R&D efforts. After attending Eastern Connecticut State University and Central Connecticut State University, he served in the US Navy as a Sea Bee, NMCB 133 stationed in Gulfport Mississippi.  Construction projects were a part of Jean’s life even in the Navy. 

He has been an active participant with various organizations in the natural gas industry. Jean was chairman of the Northeast Gas Association Operator Qualification and Training Committee and served on the NGA Construction and Maintenance committee for many years. Jean was also an active member of the Northeast Gas Distribution Council working with a number of industry leaders to share new technology and information to help improve on industry methods and techniques. He works with the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT)  and has been instrumental in developing new methods and techniques  to ensure the nation’s underground infrastructure is strong.

thomas nestoras

General Manager

For the past twelve years, our General Manager, Thomas Nestoras, has been specializing in innovative infrastructure renewal.  His breadth of experience includes the in-field reconditioning of over 350,000 feet of piping.  Tom has extensive knowledge of all phases of construction site management. His career in construction started from the ground up, giving him a unique perspective on the many facets of project management and diverse equipment used to recondition pipelines.  From “job walk” assessments of projects to handing the finished product back to the client,  Thomas demonstrates excellence in project management. He is constantly looking for the most effective process to get projects completed in a timely and cost-efficient way. Thomas is an integral part of R&D and innovations at PPM which often involve new technologies and installation processes.